How can you Save Your Apple Phone from Water Damage?

Are you worried about water damage of your iPhone? Has your iPhone accidentally slipped into the water? Do you want to prevent water damage of your iPhone? You need not worry, you can reach out to a nearby as Apple repair service center in Mumbai or Thane. The team of professionals will help you to save your Apple iPhone from water damage through their professional services or do it on your own.

Here are some tips that can help you save your Apple phone from water damage and help recover the data inside. You can follow these steps to recover your apple phone from accidental water damage.

External Drying

Take the iPhone out of the water right away, don’t plug it. Remove the iPhone from the case, take the SIM card out. This will help to avoid water damage to iPhone component. Wipe it from outside, twist it upside down and shake to clear excess water from the ports and sockets.

Power off

When your iPhone gets into water, avoid activating the iPhone. If it is switched off, let it be like that. If you on the iPhone, the circuits get activated and can lead to short circuit that can completely damage your iPhone. Leaving it without opening is a better option. If your phone is open even when in water, then switch it off immediately.

Dry your iPhone with silica gel

Silica gel is considered a better option for drying your iPhone. Silica gel sachets are available in the market to help you dry out a wet iPhone and prevent it from water damage.

Disassemble your iPhone

If you have the DIY kit and are confident about doing DIY repairs on your iPhone, the best way is to unscrew the iPhone, open it up and go to the interiors to repair the water damage. This is not very safe so it is more recommended that you visit a nearby Apple iPhone service center in Mumbai or Thane to prevent your iPhone from water damage.

Water is a big risk to iPhones. You should back up all important files on your iPhone device regularly to keep iPhone content safe and get the recovery in case of any such accidents.

Water can penetrate deep into the circuits of iPhone and cause severe damage so you should handle your iPhone properly, avoid taking it out in rains, avoid taking your apple phone in bathrooms, avoid taking pictures on beaches with your Apple Phone. Always keep your iPhone protected in waterproof iPhone case. The steps above will ensure to prevent your drowned iPhone from water damage.

How to keep iPhone data safe?

Water poses a real risk of damaging the iPhone beyond repair leading to loss of iPhone data. Backing up regularly is the solution to keep iPhone content safe.

If you are looking for your Apple phone repair in Mumbai and want to save your iPhone from water damage, you should visit some best Apple service center in Mumbai or Thane like Gadget Clinic to safeguard your Apple Phone from water damage and restore its previous look and function at the most competitive prices.

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