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Gadget Clinic Motorola Repair Centre in Mumbai & Thane

At Gadget Clinic, we take pride in being one of the most trusted independent Motorola mobile repair center in Mumbai & Thane. Motorola's Moto mobiles are built with a quality and cost take into consideration, so the average salaried person can use a smartphone with Samsung like features and Google pixel like Android OS. but when these devices fail to function, then it becomes a hassle. We are here to take that hassle off from your shoulders. We have been providing quality and consistent customer satisfaction to the Motorola mobile users who are having a tough time getting their Motorola smartphone repaired.

Meeting terms with high-quality parts, we offer convenient repair cost in the market in all our motorola service center in mumbai and other places. We understand that having a non-functional Motorola mobile phone is a time of crisis. We provide free diagnosis and each of our repair & service ensures to save money after a complete repair process.

Our skilled and have years of experienced technicians ensure that you get your Motorola mobile phone back in minimal time with best results. Through our conveniently located stores in Mumbai & Thane, you may get your Motorola mobile phone repaired within an hour.

If you wish to repair your Motorola mobile phone, drop into our repair center during opening hours – walk-in, no appointment required. If you have an issue with your phone, feel free to get in touch a direct call.

We repair Moto G, Z, E, M, C, X Series & Motorola one.

Motorola Screen Cracked

broke your touch or display, get it fixed within 24 hours. Using the highest quality parts in the entire market your device will look like before. Genuine repair center in you can trust with most competitive prices in Mumbai & Thane.

Motorola Battery Issues

battery swelling, pushing the screen out or battery have less backup and keep your phone plugged all the time? That is where you need mobile repair assistance. We can replace your Motorola mobile phone battery easily.

Unresponsive Motorola Mobile

We provide a full free diagnosis for the Motorola mobile phone that doesn't responding at all and not getting switched on. If your Motorola phone becomes totally unresponsive, You can give us a call for repair service.

Motorola Mobile Not Charging

If you need to have your Motorola mobile checked for charging issues, you are at the right place. Going for overseas and your phone doesn’t want to charge? Contact us and we will help you in no time.

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