Few Questions To Ask Your iPhone Repair Specialist

With you constantly using your iPhone, your phone is prone to damage and will need repairing if not a replacement. When you need to repair your iPhone, you usually think of going to the nearest Apple store. However, it is an expensive business if the phone damage is not under warranty. The Apple store does charge you a lump sum amount making it easier to get a new phone instead of paying a lot for repairing the old phone.

The second option with you is to go to a repair store and get in touch with someone who is a repair specialist. There are many iPhone service centers in Mumbai that offer expert iPhone repair services. While opting for an iPhone service center, you must know the credibility and knowledge of the specialist by getting some of your questions answered. Following are a few questions you can ask your repair specialist –

  • If they offer any warranty?

This is required when you are placing your phone in the hands of a complete stranger. You need to verify if they give you a warranty if the repairing, they do will actually last long and is legit. A warranty will allow you to visit them again to get it repaired again if there is any damage done right after the repairing.

  • In case of additional Damage to phone?

Sometimes they specialist also can’t figure out the issue with your phone and while trying to get the solution, they end up damaging the phone even more. You need to clarify these terms with them beforehand because they will ignore it when it happens in the future. Be firm when you ask this question.

  • Verify from where they get their parts.

Ask them questions related to who their suppliers of the parts are, as well as how do they get them. Cross check the supplier of the parts and verify if they sell legit parts. Ask them the market price of the parts; you too for yourself check the market price of the parts.

  • If your personal data is protected or no?

Ask them if they will require to unlock your phone and use it thoroughly, especially the apps. If they won’t need to unlock the phone then keep a phone lock, however, if they are scanning through your phone then make sure you have a password over anything personal. Get it backed up too. And ask them to ensure you that they don’t misuse your phone for personal benefits.

  • Duration.

Verify how long will it take to repair the phone and if it is taking more than a day then accordingly you will have to find a replacement for the time being. So get that checked. Also, take the sim card out of the phone before you give it for repair.

  • The cost.

Verify with them how expensive is it going to be and ask if they will be adding any extra charges in between if they feel like it. Ask them to notify you if they are going to purchase something that might increase the cost. Also, ask them the reason for the varying prices between them and the other repairers.

By getting this information, you will be able to determine the knowledge and skills of the specialist and can then make an informed decision. Visit Gadget Clinic for more information.

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