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Gadget Clinic MacBook Repair Centre in Mumbai & Thane

Gadget Clinic - MacBook Repair Center offers professional MacBook repair services throughout Mumbai, Thane & Navi Mumbai. We repair MacBook Pro and MacBook Air and offer some of the best pricing available anywhere for MacBook repairs.

Gadget Clinic performs all out of warranty repairs on Apple Laptops including logic board repair, replacing screen or battery, upgrading MacBook with higher capacity storage and memory (RAM) (Limited), or performing any other repair that your MacBook may need.

At Gadget Clinic, our professional and dedicated staff provide a variety of MacBook repair services in the Mumbai, Thane & Navi Mumbai. We've provided only quality repairs and fast service. We specialize in several repairs including MacBook logic board repairing and replacing MacBook Screen.

Whether you want to repair or upgrade your current MacBook, we can help you. Our staff can perform selective repairs On-site such as MacBook screen panel replacement, battery replacement, installation of RAM and replace the logic board. We have a variety of new and refurbished MacBook spare in stock and we offer some of the best pricing available for MacBook repair in Mumbai, Thane & Navi Mumbai.

MacBook Pro, Air we repaired covered by Warranty Up to 1 Year. The warranty covers manufacturer's defects only.

We repair MacBook Pro, MacBook Air & MacBook A1534.

MacBook Pro Laptop Repair Mumbai | Thane

The MacBook Air laptop has an attractive, sleek design. but this same features make MacBook Air more difficult to repair. Our Skilled technicians specializes in diagnosing, repairing and replacing the hardware parts that MacBook Air needs.

MacBook Air Laptop Repair Mumbai | Thane

No matter what happened to your MacBook Pro, our staff can diagnose and repair it. We'll help you get and keep your MacBook running nothing happened.

Lines in Screen or Cracked

Replace screen only. In Display Assembly, Customer can choose between new or refurbished (cheaper). On-site service available for assembly replacement.

Swollen or Less Battery Backup

Battery Replacement. High Quality Spare. 0 Cycle Battery with 1 Year Warranty. On-site service available for MacBook Air Battery Replacement.

MacBook Not Charging

Charging Port might got burned from metal particles or Loose Charging Connection over regular use. Charging port replacement.

MacBook logicboard repair

Went from authorized service center and want to repair the same MacBook without breaking the bank. well, we have a solution. We charge nothing if not get repaired.

Keyboard keys malfunctioning

Some of keys stop working or working intermittently. MacBook keyboard replacement.

Touchpad stops working

MacBook Touchpad randomly works or stops working partially. service MacBook or Touchpad replacement.

Upgrade Storage Capacity

MacBook Pro and Air has this option available to upgrade the SSD by replacing with higher storage. We can replace the HDD with SSD in MacBook Pro Unibody 2010 - MId 2012

Memory Upgrade (RAM)

This option is only available in MacBook Pro Unibody where the regular laptop RAM is being used. It has a capability to operate on 16 GB insatalled in slots (each of 8GB).

MacBook Regular Servicing

It is necessary to service your MacBook replace a heat sink free ventilation fan chocked with dust. It help to extend MacBook hardware life.

distorted or Crackling speakers

MacBook speaker has a less life span as it is made up of thin paper and can easily breakable. MacBook Speaker replacement.

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