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Huawei Mobile Phone Repair in Mumbai & Thane - Gadget Clinic

Huawei phone users in Mumbai & Thane can now breathe easy, as Gadget Clinic offers quick and authentic Huawei repair & service withing a 24-hours of receiving the phone. Our Huawei phone repair center in Mumbai, Thane, and Navi Mumbai has launched this service to make life easier for all Huawei mobile phone users who need not worry about any issue or emergency leaving them disconnected from their mobile.

The City-wide service can quickly address a range of issues, including Huawei mobile broken screen repair, underperformance battery replacement, water damage repair, camera replacement and more. We only use OEM original spare against the replacement parts and all spare come with the standard limited warranty up to 1 Year.

With our expert repair technicians, Huawei phone repairs in Mumbai, Thane & Navi Mumbai offers a same-day resolution for most of the repairs.

If you wish to repair your Huawei mobile phone, drop into our repair center during opening hours – walk-in, no appointment required. If you have an issue with your phone, feel free to get in touch a direct call.

We repair Huawei Mate, P, Y, Nova series mobile phones.

Huawei Phone Screen Damaged

Screen of Huawei phone is most vulnerable part & often gets damaged. As we just read it is vulnerable, it requires a special care and takes about 1 to 3 hours to Huawei Phone Screen Replacement.

Huawei Phone Battery Issues

If your Huawei mobile does not hold a charge for too long or got swollen, you may need to replace Huawei phone's battery. This repair takes 30 minutes and requires appointment.

Huawei Phone Back Glass Repair

Huawei phone back has been covered with glass to improve antenna performance. Unfortunately, it is also fragile and get damaged with hard impacts.

Unresponsive Huawei Phone

We have a chip level logic board repair specialist who can fix the issues with your Huawei phone no matter whether it is bricked or liquid damaged.

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